The VCE Physics Days at Luna Park are held on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the first or second week in March each year. In 2022 the dates are Tuesday, 8th March to Friday, 11th March.

The cost to students in 2022 is $29.50 each. To make a booking go to Luna Park. You need to scroll down the web page to access the booking form. Luna Park will invoice the school after the event once actual student numbers are known. An information sheet is also available.


  1. Information about what to bring, wet weather, etc as well as evaluation sheets.
  2. Background material on the physics of the rides, descriptions of the rides, pre-excursion activities, useful science equipment and a post excursion quiz.
  3. Datalogger information
  4. Worksheets. Note: Worksheets will not be available at Luna Park. Teachers should download them from this website, modify if they wish, select all or some and photocopy for their students.
  5. Videos of the rides that can be used an an introduction or for analysis.
  6. Aerobatic display. Information on the manoeuvres in the display. Usually on only one of the days and it depends on the availability of a member of the RAAF Roulettes.  In 2022 there will aerobatic displays on both Thursday and Friday.