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Registration for next year's VCE Physics Teachers' Conference is now open. Plus some holiday reading

Dr Barbara McKinnon (Pres), Sandor Kazi (Vice-Pres), Dan O'Keeffe OAM (Sec) and Deepa Jain (Treas)

Table of Contents
       1. VCE Physics Teachers Conference, 18th February, 2022
       2. Open Access Articles from UK's Physics Education Journal
       3. Some Useful Videos: Car Crashes and Astronomy

       4. Vicphysics matters
  • Subscriptions
  • Tutor Listing Service
       5. Seeking a Physics teacher? Seeking a new position? (2 positions)
       6. Events for Students
  • Physics Days at Luna Park, Tuesday 8th March to Friday, 11th March
       7. Physics News from the Web 
  • 'Janus textile' could keep you warm and cool you down
  • Wood-based conductors could make Li-Ion batteries safer
  • How Vera Rubin broke barriers and convinced the astronomy community that dark matter exists
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1.  VCE Physics Teachers Conference, Friday, 18th February
The VCE Physics Teachers’ Conference in 2022 jointly organised by STAV and Vicphysics, will take place on Friday 18 February 2022.  It will be a virtual conference.  There will be synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions.

Registration is available at the  STAV website . The program is available there and also on the Vicphysics website.
Registration fees:

  • Individual STAV member: $99
  • School STAV member: $198
  • Non-member: $264
  • Presenter/ Moderator: Complimentary
  • Pre-Service Teacher: $55
  • Retired Teacher: $55

The program includes:

  • Keynote address: Innovations in Electricity is !00% renewable now possible? with Dr Bob Sheehy
  • Three sessions of live workshops, each with six workshops on offer
  • Seven asynchronous sessions which will be available to be viewed from 11th February.
  • VCAA Update and Unpacking assessment in the new VCE Physics Study Design with Maria James, Science Curriculum Manager at VCAA
  • Review of the 2021 VCE Physics Examination by Andrew Hansen, Chief Assessor. A summary of the report will be available on video prior to the conference for teachers to view and forward questions which will be addressed on the day by Andrew.
2. Open Access Articles from UK's Physics Education Journal
In this high quality journal, there are many articles that the authors have allowed to be freely available.
There are currently 98 titles.  Click here, then select 'Open Access' in the left hand column to see the list.
Checking the first 20, these are the titles of ones that might interest VCE Physics teachers:
  • Smart physics to create kinematic data from GPS measurements (from phone)
  • Students reports on open inquiry
  • How can GeoGebra support physics education in upper-secondary school - a review
  • An analogical simulation for teaching electric circuits: a rationale for use in lower secondary school
  • Spheres rolling on an inclined track
  • Estimating star distances with a light globe
  • Teaching physics during COVID 19 pandemic: implementation and report of teaching strategies to support student learning
  • The COVID shutdown: when studying turns digital, students want more structure
3.Some useful videos
a) Two videos produced by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Understanding Car Crashes: Its Basic Physics. Discover how the laws of physics apply to crash tests and help engineers design safer cars to protect occupants in a crash.
  • Understanding Car Crashes: When Physics meets Biology. Explore what happens to the human body in a crash and the scientific principles doctors and engineers use to reduce injuries.
The 25 min videos are available full video, full video with questions or video segments with questions.
There are also lessons and activities available.
b) Astronomy videos
  • The Stars within Us. A recent four min video on nuclear cosmogenesis by National Science Foundation (NSF - US)
  • Exo-planets in resonance. This animation shows a representation of the orbits and movements of the exo-planets in the TOI-178 system with ESO’s Very Large Telescope, has revealed that the system boasts six exoplanets and that all but the one closest to the star are locked in a rare rhythm as they move in their orbits. In other words, they are in resonance. 
  • Triple Eclipsing Binary System.  Animation of a six star system made up of three binaries
4. Vicphysics matters
  • Subscriptions: Vicphysics has changed its subscription model.  From now on, subscriptions will last for a year from the day payment is received.  So if you start a new subscription this week, the renewal date will be in December 2022.  Previously any new subscription expired on the same date of 28th February.

    For current subscribers, your renewal date is still 28th February 2022.  If you have taken out a subscription in recent weeks, we will investigate whether it is possible to change your renewal date.
  • Tutor Listing Service: The website has a Tutor Listing Service.  There are now four tutors listed.  If you tutor and wish to add your name to the list, please check the website.
5.Seeking a Physics teacher? Seeking a new position?
The Vicphysics Teachers' Network has a Job Ads page to assist schools in finding a physics teacher.
There are two (2) schools seeking a physics teacher:
  • Mount Erin Secondary College (closes 15th December)
  • Myrtleford P-12 College (closes 13th December)
The webpage is updated every weekend.  The webpage also has a link on how schools can register a position and lodge a payment for this service.
6. Events for Students
a) Physics Days at Luna Park: Tues 8th March to Fri, 11th March
Next year Physics Days at Luna Park will be on the above dates from 10:00am until 2:00pm .  You can  make a booking here.  Bookings can be tentative, in that you can change the date once your timetable is known.  However, please remember to advise Luna Park by the end of February of any date change.

The cost next year will be $29.50 per student with teachers free.  Schools are invoiced after the event based on the  number of your students who pass through the turnstiles.

An aerobatic display has been requested, but the Roulettes are not always available and confirmation is usually not until February.
Details about worksheets, costs, etc. are on our website.
7.   Physics News from the Web
Items selected  from the bulletin of the Institute of Physics (UK).
Each item below includes the introductory paragraphs and a web link to the rest of the article.
a) ‘Janus textile’ could keep you warm and cool you down
Researchers in Belgium have unveiled the design for a fabric that could keep a person warm when worn one way, while cooling them down if worn inside out.
b) Wood-based conductors could make Li-ion batteries safer
A new wood-based material that conducts ions 10–100 times better than other polymers could find use in next-generation solid-state lithium-ion batteries.
c) How Vera Rubin broke barriers and convinced the astronomy community that dark matter exists
An extended review of Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond: the Life of Astronomer Vera Rubin
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