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Advice on Learning Physics

Advice on Revising for Physics Exams

Also check here for additional revision material on specific topics compiled by Colin Hopkins.

Practice revision questions from old exams and detailed exam solutions for recent VCE Physics Exams are also available.

Forthcoming Events for Students

Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament

The Vicphysics Teachers' Network has established a competition for Year 11 physics students. In the course of the year, in teams of three, students will carry out a range of experimental investigations drawn from a common set, then later in the year on the first week in December, present and defend their findings in scientific discussions with other teams.

More details can be found here

Melbourne University talks for VCE Students

Lectures have been arranged to assist your students in years 11 and 12 of VCE Physics. The topics are relevant to the VCE Study Design, and practising physicists have agreed to deliver them. The lectures, of about 1 hour duration, will be held on Thursdays at 6 pm in the Laby Theatre of the School of Physics. Some light refreshments will be available

Information about the lectures can be found here.

Astronomy Public Lectures at Swinburne University

The full lecture program can be found at here.

The Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) Queensland, early July each year

The AYAF is a five-day interactive forum open to 100 Year 12 and Year 11 students from all over Australia who are interested in a career in the Australian Aerospace Industry. It is a continuation of the Queensland Youth Aerospace Forum (QYAF) which has been enjoyed by hundreds of students over the past ten years. The forum will highlight aerospace engineering or avionics options for university and higher education and the employment possibilities in the industry after graduation.

AYAF is run by a team of young aerospace and avionics enthusiasts, many of whom are students studying related courses at university. AYAF will provide an invaluable opportunity for you to share their experiences of the industry and get advice on university life. Attendees will also visit two of Australia’s top aerospace engineering and avionics universities; the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. Attendees will hear from lecturers, industry specialists and current engineering, aerospace avionics and science students about pathways into the aerospace industry, including new technologies and research projects. A hands-on approach to experiencing the excitement of aerospace is fostered through group projects.

The forum provides accommodation on campus at the University of Queensland, Brisbane for only $150. This was the only cost other than travel. Some interest in flight and aerospace was expected, so Year 12 students who did ‘Flight’ in Year 11 are encouraged to apply to AYAF.

VCE Physics Days at Luna Park

VCE Physics Days are held at Luna park in the first week of March each year. The activity is designed for Year 12 students. Check this website under 'Events' for details of the worksheets and arrangements for each of the days.

Extension Activities for Physics Students