Vicphysics Teachers’ Network

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is a group of Victorian teachers and academics. The purpose of the group is outlined below. Membership of the group is open to any person interested in physics education. To become a member see details below. The meetings of the Committee are open to any interested teacher. The Committee meets monthly after school usually on the second Wednesday of each month at 5.30pm until 7.00pm, currently on-line. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Secretary. The regular newsletter includes the date of the next meeting. To go on the mailing list, please contact the Secretary.

The purpose of the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is to support physics education in Victoria by:

  • being a voice for physics teachers,
  • supporting the networking of physics teachers,
  • organising professional development activities for physics teachers,
  • maintaining this website of resources for teachers and students,
  • organising events for physics students,
  • providing advice to curriculum and examination bodies,
  • distributing regularly an electronic newsletter to teachers,
  • providing necessary physics equipment to disadvantaged schools, when the funds permit,
  • researching student participation in physics as well as the physics teaching profession.

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is now a cognate society of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP).

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Vicphysics Teachers’ Network Committee

  • Dr Barbara McKinnon, formerly Kew High School (President)
  • Deepa Jain, Kew High School (Vice-President)
  • Dan O’Keeffe OAM, formerly Camberwell Grammar School (Secretary)
  • Sandor Kazi, Melbourne Girls’ College, (Treasurer)
  • John Cripps-Clark, Deakin University
  • Dr Penny Hale, Templestowe High School
  • Theo Hughes, Cornish College
  • Paul Cuthbert, University High School
  • Rachael Gore, Albert Park College

Dan O’Keeffe is the Coordinator of Vicphysics programs.

Postal Address

PO Box 290, Flinders Lane, VICTORIA 8009, AUSTRALIA


ABN: 91 277 531 646


Membership is open to any person interested in physics education. There is no joining fee or membership fee. To become a member, you can download and complete the membership application form below and email it to the Secretary.

Note: Membership is confirmed once the applicant attends a meeting, either in person or on Zoom. Members are able to contribute to the decision making of the group and receive meeting agendae.

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