For several years Colin Hopkins has delivered revision lectures in many centres across regional Victoria as well as some in Melbourne. Lectures were planned for 2021, however he is now unable to present them.

By way of compensation, Vicphysics has arranged for an online revision lecture.  It will be held during the school holidays on Tuesday, 28th September from 9:00am until 1:45pm.  There will be five 45 minute presentations with 15 minute breaks in between.

The presenters will be Paul Cuthbert from University High School and Sandor Kazi from Melbourne Girls’ College, both of whom regularly present revision lectures.

The sequence will be:

  • Fields Area of Study with Paul Cuthbert
  • Motion Area of Study with Sandor Kazi
  • Electrical Energy Area of Study with Paul Cuthbert
  • Waves, Light and Matter Areas of Study with Sandor Kazi
  • Revision strategies, Exam techniques and other useful advice with both Paul and Sandor

A Google Drive will have about 40 revision documents prepared by Colin Hopkins on different sections of the course.
The Zoom Webinar has a Q & A facility where you can ask questions during the lecture. There will be a panel of physics teachers who will answer these questions while the lecture is proceeding, with the full set of questions and answers saved at the end and put on the Google Drive.

Once payment is confirmed, you will be given access to the Google Drive. You will also be sent the link for the Zoom webinar, and your name and email address will be added to the list of registered attendees on the Zoom account.

The cost is $25.

To Students:
You can make a personal booking at the link below.  The Zoom link will be sent to the email address you provide. 

Payment by credit card is preferred. An EFT option is available, but the funds need to be transferred into the Vicphysics bank account by 5:00pm, Friday, 24th September for the booking to be confirmed.

To Teachers:
You can make a booking for your class by entering each student’s name and email address in turn and then making a single payment. The Zoom link will be sent to each of the email addresses you provide. 

Please note that credit cards are preferred and if the EFT option is chosen, the funds need to be transferred into the Vicphysics bank account by 5:00pm, Friday, 24th September for the booking to be confirmed.  If your school does not have a credit card, given end of term is fast approaching, you may wish to request of the school that you pay with your personal credit card and they reimburse you.

There is no discount for Vicphysics subscribers.

To book:

  • Click here
  • Enter your name and email address, and your school if you wish.  The Zoom link will be sent to this email address.
  • Click Submit
  • Go to My Cart and arrange payment.

Additional resources:

Colin Hopkins has set up a Youtube Channel. It has his lectures from 2020.  Students should note that last year because of COVID and extended lock down from early in the year, VCAA reduced the content to be examined.  So not all of this year’s examinable content is covered by these lectures.

This website has two pages to assist students Advice on Revising Physics and Advice of Learning Physics.