The hybrid Revision Lecture was held last Sunday, 10th September at Swinburne University of Technology. While registrations are obviously closed, access to the copious resources on a google drive is still available open. These include the powerpoint, an audio of the presentation, and the Q&A from this and the last two online revision lectures plus folders on each topic with sample questions. The cost to access the resources is $25 per person.

The presenter was Colin Hopkins OAM, presenter of revision lectures for many years with chat room support for online participants from Paul Cuthbert from University High School and Sandor Kazi from Melbourne Girls’ College, both of whom presented the online revision lectures in 2021 and 2022.

Colin Hopkins has also set up a Youtube Channel . Note: this link is still available. It has his lectures from 2020. Students should note that in 2020 because of COVID and extended lock down from early in the year, VCAA reduced the content to be examined. So not all of the 2023 examinable content was covered by these lectures.

This website also has two pages to assist students Advice on Revising Physics and Advice of Learning Physics.
To Register for the resources on the Google drive: Note: Only payment by credit card is permitted for this order.