For Teachers, For Students and General Public

For Teachers

2022 Physics Teachers Conference – a Virtual Conference

The Conference will be held on Friday, 18th February.
For the ‘Call for Presenters’ and the keynote speaker, click – Details of the program will be announced in late November.

Talk, Dinner and Catching up

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network invites physics teachers and others interested in physics education to gather in an informal setting for a series of dinners with a guest speaker. The guest speakers will address diverse topics touching on curriculum, pedagogy and the discipline itself. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussion and network with colleagues over dinner.
For information on the next lecture click here. This event was cancelled due the COVID restrictions. It is planned to re-commence the events in 2022.

Workshops for Lab Techs for Physics in Years 7 to 10

These Workshops will be held on Wednesday, 15th September at Camberwell Grammar School. It will be a full day program..

Prac Workshops on Physics for Years 9 and 10 Physics

These Workshops was to be held on Tuesday, 14th September at Camberwell Grammar School, but was cancelled due to COVID. It will be re-scheduled next year. The program was half day of workshops held in the afternoon.

Physics Teachers’ Conference 2021

The VCE Physics Teachers Conference was held on Friday, 19th February, 2021 online. Click the link for details and conference proceedings.

Beginning Physics Teachers’ In-Service

This in-Service is usually held on the first Tuesday of the Term 1 holidays. In 2021 it was on Thursday, 15th April. Click here for the details of the In-Service and the resources supplied. The next in-service will be held in 2022.

Monthly Meetings of the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network

This year the Committee currently meets on line, normally on the second Wednesday of the month from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. The meetings are open to any physics teacher. If you would like to attend any meeting, please email Vicphysics.

Workshop for Lab Techs focussing on Years 7 – 10 Physics

The next workshop is being considered for September 2022 at Camberwell Grammar School after the 2021 event was cancelled due to COVID.

For Students and General Public

VCE Physics Days at Luna Park

The VCE Physics Days are the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the first week in March. To make a reservation contact Luna Park by phone on (03) 9525 5033 or fax to (03) 9534 5764, or mail to Luna Park at PO Box 1083, St Kilda South, Victoria, 3182. The cost of the day was $25.95 per student, with teachers free, but may be higher now. Check this website under ‘Events‘ for details of the worksheets and arrangements for each of the days.

Girls in Physics Breakfasts

A series of breakfasts are held across Victoria during Terms 1 and 2. Further details will be posted here when COVID regulations permit. It is hoped the program will re-commence in 2022.

VCE Lectures at University of Melbourne

Fortnightly lectures for students, check here for the program and to book.

Astronomy Public Lectures at Swinburne University

The full lecture program can be found at here.