How to Study Physics

An booklet (26 pages) originally written in 1949 by Seville Chapman for undergraduate physics students in the US. It is very comprehensive and still largely relevant to current secondary physics students. A highlight is the summary of 52 one line statements of advice.

Physics Course Survival Strategies

A short document (8 pages) by Donald Simanek for US undergraduate physics students. Much is relevant to secondary physics students, but it does refer more to tertiary structures such as professors, lectures, tutors, etc than other links listed here.

Suggestions for Physics Students

A one page document from the University of Texas by Dale D. Long, which has some useful advice on how to use a text book.

Study Tips for Introductory Physics

A two page document from the Oberlin College in the US by Don Styer for undergraduate physics students that presents advice is a simple dot point form.

How to Learn

The Rev. Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, is known for ‘Alice in Wonderland’. He was also a mathematician. This erudite document on ‘How to Learn’ from reading a text is the introduction to his book on Symbolic Logic.

How to solve Physics Problems

This article by Donald Simanek identifies the steps in solving a physics problem as well as some comments on learning physics.

How_to_Study_Physics.doc 22 kB doc

Some tips and motivational ideas.