Vicphysics Teachers’ Network has moved to a Subscription model for access to the resources in the ‘Teachers’ section of this website.  All the other sections, ‘Events’, etc in the top banner will continue to open to all.  The ‘Teachers’ section includes resources for each Area of Study, Exam solutions, support for practical activities and Investigations, sources of apps and applets, plus much more.   The email newsletter will continue to be sent to any one who requests it.

The subscriptions will enable Vicphysics to continue to support physics teachers and physics students.

Subscription benefits include:

  • Access to the Teachers section of this website,
  • Discounts on registration for in-services,
  • Discounts on student entries for competitions.

Subscriptions will be free until the end of February next year.  For continued benefits beyond the end of February, a paid subscription is required, which can be made from the end of January next year.  See below for details.

A Step by Step Guide to setting a subscription can be downloaded here. It will be particularly helpful if you are setting a school subscription.