Colin Hopkins’ Exam material

Colin Hopkins OAM has been collecting Victorian physics exam papers for a number of decades.
In recent years Colin has provided selected extracts from these papers for various physics topics and provided them to beginning physics teachers who requested his support.
He has now processed the full set of questions, allocating them to specific topics, for example Newton’s Laws, and coding each question for the type of question as to whether it is multiple choice, a calculation or an explanation question.
He is very kindly making this extensive resource available to Vicphysics subscribers. The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is very appreciative of Colin’s tireless efforts in supporting physics teachers and his generosity in providing this material.
The questions for each topic are in a separate file in Word for easy cutting and pasting by teachers.
Each file includes:

  • An Introductory table (see example below) with columns for
    • Question number in order in this file
    • Source and Year,
    • Multiple choice with the question number in the actual paper, which is the link to the question,
    • Short Answer with the question number in the actual paper, which is the link to the question,
    • Concept or idea, e.g. Newton’s 3rd Law or connected bodies,
    • Number of marks,
    • The average score on the question as a percentage and
    • The type of question from Explanation, Calculation or Conceptual
  • The questions in number order
  • Solutions in number order in two column format.
NoPaperMultiple ChoiceShort AnswerIdeaMarks%Type
120214Newton’s 3rd law2NAExplanation
220218aFnet = ma3NACalculation
32021 NH8aInclined plane, draw forces3NAConcept
520209Newton’s 3rd law149%Explanation

Each Area of Study has its own webpage. You can click on a link below to see the list of topics for an Area of Study and then access a file of your choice.
Unit 3: Motion, Fields, Electrical energy
Unit 4: Waves and Light, Light and Matter, Prac Investigation