Higher Order Thinking – HOT Playground Physics for Primary Students

HOT Playground Physics is a set of 6 activities written for upper primary students focusing on the higher order thinking skills of Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating.
These files are worksheets on “Playground Physics” produced with support of the Department of Education, Science and Training as part of the Einstein International Year of Physics in 2005. The worksheets are available as Word files in an Landscape A4 format. For use they should be enlarged to be a double sided A3 worksheet that can be folded in the middle for ease of use.

Higher Order Thinking 30.2 kB

A description of the Playground Physics Worksheets including an explanation of higher order thinking as opposed to lower order thinking and why it is important to develop higher order thinking skills.

Playground Physics: Swing 44 kB


Playground Physics: Rocker 38.9 kB


Playground Physics: Net 40.4 kB


Pole Science 63.5 kB


Playground Physics: Monkey Bars 123 kB

Monkey Bars

Playground Physics: Slide 43 kB