This webpage has useful links on promoting physics as well as information about various aspects of a career in physics.

Promoting Physics

Physics Careers Slide Shows – Insights

Physics InSight is a series of slide shows designed to inform and excite undergraduates about physics, but they may have some useful content for secondary students. Slide show topics include: Diverse physics careers, Physicist salary information, Current physics research, Resources for undergraduate physics majors and Opportunities for undergraduates.

Photos of Physicists

Some of the favorite photos of physicists and astronomers from the files of the American Institute of Physics. They reveal the physicists’ human side and the environments of scientific work. Photos are available from US$10 each.

Physics Quotes

A list of over 600 quotes ranging from Albert Einstein to Woody Allen.

More Physics Quotes

A list of over 100 quotes ranging from Stephen Hawking to Angela Merkel.

All known physics in one equation: a Poster

The Perimeter Institute have released a new poster which displays ‘all known physics’ in one equation annotated with the name of the physicist against each term, including Schrodinger, Feynmann, Euler, Planck, Einstein, Newton, Maxwell, Yang, Mills, Dirac, Kobayashi, Maskawa, Yukawa, Higgs and Lagrange. The poster can be downloaded as a high resolution pdf for free.

Powers of 10. The original video

The video ‘Powers of Ten’ illustrates the universe as an arena of both continuity and change, of everyday picnics and cosmic mystery. It begins with a close-up shot of a man sleeping near the lakeside in Chicago, viewed from one meter away. The landscape steadily moves out until it reveals the edge of the known universe. Then, at a rate of 10-to-the-tenth meters per second, the film takes us towards Earth again, continuing back to the sleeping man’s hand and eventually down to the level of a carbon atom.

Quantum to Cosmos. A PI video

The Perimeter Institute (PI) has produced another fantastic resource ‘Quantum to Cosmos’. It follows in the steps of that famous video ‘Powers of 10’ . Using the same concept of changing your view by a factor of 10 at each stage, Quantum to Cosmos starts at the human scale and goes out to the edge of the known universe and also goes down beyond the atom to quarks and the Planck length. At each stage there are images of objects for that scale, each of which can be clicked for a better view and a description.

Posters from Perimeter Institute

The Perimeter Institute (PI) has several posters available. Ten on different women in physics, they are done in an art deco style and at the bottom there is a one line statement of their contribution. There are others on Dark Matter, General Relativity and the Science of Sport. To download a poster, you need to first register and then add the posters to ‘your cart’ and complete the transaction before downloading, but there is no charge.

Posters on Ada Lovelace and Careers in Physics

The Ada Lovelace Day website has a few posters including ‘The Amazingly Enormous Careers Poster’, ‘What kind of Scientist Could I be?’ describing ten different types such as Communicator, Entrepreneur, Explorer, Policy maker, etc as well as a poster on Ada Lovelace. The Posters page is under the heading ‘Resources for Schools’, which also includes materials for three Girls in STEM topics that use a scenario based approach. The pdf of ‘Useful Resources’ is a very comprehensive (over 40) list of groups working in the areas of STEM, Girls in Science and Careers.

Bulls Eye Careers in Physics Poster

The poster consists of concentric circles with each ring containing the names of numerous careers, requiring a specific level of training in physics. The rings range from completing secondary school to doing an apprenticeship, a diploma or a degree.

Bulls Eye Careers in Physics Poster with profile

The above poster, but with a short profile of Marita Cheng, mechatronic engineer in the top corner.

Career Stories

From the same website as the posters, these are stories (3 min read) about individuals on one aspect of their career. There are stories across all fields of study. There re several for the sciences. You can also search by aspects such as ‘making career decisions, gaining and keeping work, etc.

Physics Employment

An excellent web site run by the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics at the University of Adelaide.

University of Sydney, School of Physics

Search for jobs at the University of Sydney, School of Physics

International Physics Jobs

Search listings of physics jobs from around the world.